Allison Flanagan, LMT, CLT

My Soul and Body, LLC

Integrating her training with a compassionate touch 

Allison has designed a recipe for success! She invites you to

experience the healing touch of massage which can help

reduce pain & fatigue, lower anxiety, improve mood

and increase relaxation. Her unique approach brings a

special element to the table with each massage she provides. 


Having deeply rooted beliefs in the mind/body connection

she believes it is important to recognize that every client

is unique. Her focus will always be to modify a session

to honor each individual's needs for that day.


Since 2002 Allison has offered and trained in many familiar

massage modalities. Ultimately this path led her to Oncology

Massage – in a field which speaks to her heart & soul.

She safely & confidently supports her clients managing the

side effects of cancer and cancer treatment in an effort to help

bring moments of peace to all of her clients.

Close your eyes and reconnect to the beautiful light inside of you!

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Established in 2018 Marie is Boston Body Pilates by Balance Body professionally trained and certified.  She is committed to providing excellence in pilates reformer training in a friendly and safe environment.

Feel free to contact her with questions and to set up class sessions.  You'll be glad you did!